20 August 2011

But EVERYONE is a photographer. . .

Really? Is everyone a photographer because he/she carries a camera and can inexpensively and with little if any training take a photo?

I bring this up because of the multiple times as of late that others have said to me "I wish I was a photographer", or worse yet hearing from fellow photographers that they are tired of the business because "everyone has a camera", to which I can only reply that everyone may have a camera but a camera does not but make a photographer.

Think about it! Is everyone a race car driver because he/she has a car? Is your neighbor who gardens on the occasional weekend with a top rate hoe, the nicest shovel and a package of Burpee seeds a landscape architect?

I challenge you to be who you want to be, with nary a concern for the potential label associated with it. Just do it and let your effort speak for itself. Who knows? You may end up being hired to design your neighbor's garden while you are out there arranging your plants in such a way as to capture them with your high end Hasselblad gear and associated Phase One digital back, because after all. . .you are "a photographer"!

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