08 September 2011

Do you see what I see?

So, do you see what I see? Really now, you should see it as it's right there in front of you. Oh wait, of course you see "it", the proverbial "it" being that which your eyes and brain are wired to see in this image as well as all others you happen upon, be it by choice or intention.

The point here being that anything and everything you see in the world around you is up for interpretation, thus is the beauty of the visual arts. And for this very same reason you will find I don't title my images, other than the date of capture. After all, were this called "Bored one afternoon and I decided to hold a colander up to the light and photograph it with my iPhone to see what I could do with it creatively", would it mean any more or less to you?!

So, do you see what I see? Or does it really matter anyway?

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