15 August 2011

Find your style, in photography as in life!

Like a fingerprint, you have a unique style that is all yours, distinctly and consistently you! I speak here not merely of photography but of everything in life upon which you put your personal stamp, be it knowingly or unknowingly.

So, what is the unifying factor here between your photography and living life at large? Simple! You are you and there is no other you! YOU are perfect because you are perfectly you! You barbecue a certain way, wash your car the way you wish, you work and love and live in a manner that is distinctly yours! Now, armed with this very elementary reminder I say you venture out and capture images that speak to who you are, to how you uniquely see the world and then share your vision freely and confidently.

Your goal should not be to please everyone in every manner in every moment. I suggest you let go of the opposition you project into your photography and like everything else you do, let it speak for itself, for your photographic style will be yours and yours alone, just like your barbecue!

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