04 August 2011

What other medium happens so quickly and lasts an eternity?

There, but for a fleeting moment in time, sits the scene before you. The mood, the time of day, the weather, the sunlight or moonlight or lack thereof, the person or place or thing within, your placement relative to what you see, the activity around it, the amalgam of the scene is there for but a moment. And what do you do? Capture it with your camera for all eternity!

The irony of this glorious medium of photography is that it and it alone takes so little to capture something that lasts so long (forever in fact, if we continue to upgrade our storage). And what does it take you to make that image? All of a fraction of a second? Maybe 1/500th of a second in the grand and infinite time line of life, death and eternity?

Think about it. I would even suggest you look at life itself as an endless stream of fractions of seconds and covet every moment before you, not just capturing them with your camera but with your eyes, heart, and soul, for those moments too will be fleeting. . .

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