24 July 2011

Such a supreme pleasure it was to work with Austin and Lisa here in my garage studio yestrday, shooting for hours with JUST my iPhone and a Calumet Travelite strobe's modeling light as the only light source. That, a reflector appropriately placed, a white backdrop, patience, a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously since we are, after all, only shooting with an iPhone, and the end result is a panoply of stunning images.

One of many final images is shown here, but I invite you to come to my Apple presentation this Thursday night if you are anywhere near San Francisco to see a full spectrum of images from this shoot yesterday. All images shown Thursday night will have been shot with, processed in, and uploaded from my iPhone.

Prepare to see the power of the iPhone, the creative vision behind its user (that would be me!), its various apps, and come meet Austin and Lisa, both of whom will be in attendance Thursday!

Until then. . .

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